Ranked Patch - ELITE


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This is the patch to wear proud as an ELITE of The Best and Largest beard club in the world.


The Bearded Villains ACE or ELITE is the brother who has gone above and beyond for this brotherhood and earned every ranked patch while helping other brothers and helped steer out brotherhood in the right direction with strong actions rather than words. YOUR COLORS ARE EARNED.. NOT GIVEN.

If you have not been awarded the digital ELITE patch via @BeardedVillains on IG we respectfully ask you to wait till you earn your rank before you rock this patch.

The brotherhood grows by the minute so make sure you claim your rank and be proud of it.

It features :
• Strong velcro or Glue Iron-On backing
• Top quality embordery
• 100% Villainity
• Brotherhood Recognition
• Size 4 inches

Image of Ranked Patch - SCOUT
Ranked Patch - SCOUT
Image of Ranked Patch - VILLAIN
Ranked Patch - VILLAIN
Image of Ranked Patch - LOYAL
Ranked Patch - LOYAL
Image of TACTICAL - Limited Run
TACTICAL - Limited Run
Image of Ranked Patch - MEMBER
Ranked Patch - MEMBER
Image of SOLID Rank Patch  ( Limited / Sold Separately )
SOLID Rank Patch ( Limited / Sold Separately )
Image of " NOIR "  Ranked Patches
" NOIR " Ranked Patches
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